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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose a Fernhills Caravan for your business or garden?

All our caravans are fully insulated with Sheep’s wool - Making them perfect for all year use - unlike yurts and Tipis they  need very little maintenance and don’t suffer from mildew or damp issues. They  don’t need packing away or dry storing in the winter.

They are on wheels - Our wheels are fitted with agricultural heavy  duty tyres. They don’t rattle on hard surfaces or sink into soft ground like cast iron shepherd’s hut wheels. Our caravans have a minimal footprint and are high enough to allow grass to grow underneath. They  can also be easily moved if you are in a flood risk area or wish to locate them to a different site.

Larch cladding - Not cheap corrugated tin or pine but 18mm solid Siberian larch which is naturally resistant to insects and rot. This Siberian variety is very slow growing due to the cold climate and extremely hardy, making it the ideal choice for cladding. All our larch is factory painted using a Teknos paint system before fitting.

28mm UPVc doors and windows - The very latest window systems that are far superior to timber windows - low maintenance, no warping or sticking, modern locking systems and night time security  openings,10 year warranty, realistic flush casement designs and oak finishes. No wonder they are being approved for use in conservation areas. Excellent sound proofing - for a quiet nights sleep.

Modern materials - We use breathable membranes and vapour barriers on our walls and roof to keep your caravan nice and dry , just like a modern timber framed house!

Design - Timeless appeal that won’t come and go like other glamping products.

High end camping - Not a tent (yurt, safari tents, Tipi) , not a wooden box for cheap camping without your tent (camping pod), not an agricultural lambing shed (Shepherds hut) - Our caravans are spacious, warm and offer your guests the very  finest in outdoor living and attract higher rates.

Value for money - Be careful when comparing prices! Our caravans include wiring, windows, shutters, decorative trims, towing bar, steerable front axle, Siberain larch cladding, double glazed windows, steps, fully painted inside and outside, Oak flooring, period light fittings etc

Chassis - You will not find a stronger chassis. Every model from a Vardo to Grande Roulotte is is built on a solid steel chassis that is fully welded by coded fabricators and spray painted using a industrial paint system. The steel we use is 8mm C channel and 6mm angle resulting in a tough durable foundation for our caravans - not a bit of box  section that can rust from the inside or a few lengths of timber. These are built to last.

Stainless Steel Screws - All exterior timber is secured by 1000’s of stainless steel screws , making our caravans suitable for coastal areas or locations exposed to bad weather

British Standards BS3632 - we work closely to BS3632. Benefits include adequate ventilation, safety equipment, fire escape window on all caravans and certain design enhancements such as anchor points for windy or exposed areas.

Easy site set up - Our caravans arrive fully assembled and ready to use.

Better than an extension - Minimal impact on your existing business when expanding. No disruptive building work.

Longevity - Built to last which long term will offer better value for money than cheaper alternatives

Is my caravan road towable?

No, due to the weight and size, our caravans are not able to be towed on public roads but they can be moved around a campsite site for positioning purposes. The front axle has a turntable fitted to it and we supply a towing bar with each caravan.

Is Planning permission required?

Many people believe and some hut builders advertise that if it has wheels then it doesn’t need planning - this is not entirely true! Whilst in most cases no planning is needed (Vardos and smaller Roulottes) there are some instances where it is necessary to obtain planning permission.

A  caravan, hut or wagon may be parked temporarily (in the same manner as a car) within the curtilage of a domestic property  with no need for planning permission, unless there are limiting conditions applied when the house was built. This is more common in modern housing estates.

A caravan can also be used in a manner ancillary to the residential property; that is, in addition to the use of the house, but not as somebody's separate dwelling. You may use a caravan as a granny annexe for example, but it must not become somebody's "only or main residence". There must remain a relationship between the caravan and the house, so, for example, meals could be eaten in the house. Use the caravan simply in the manner of an extra room/bedroom. Make sure it remains moveable.

Check to make sure your property deeds do not restrict this permitted development right; particularly on more modern estates or where the council has issued an Article 4 Direction, common in Conservation Areas.

If you are considering using your caravan for holiday lets, as a permanent dwelling or as paid guest accommodation then you will probably need planning and/or a site license.

We are not planning specialists or do we have the knowledge or qualifications to advise on planning - it is always best to contact your local planning office BEFORE ordering. If you would like some professional help with the planning process we can recommend a consultant who specialises in rural planning and is very experienced in all aspects of the planning process- please ask for further details.

Please use this link for further information: How to start a campsite or holiday park

How should I site my caravan?

We recommend that all our caravans are sited on a solid, even surface. We can provide further information dependant on location.

How will my caravan get to site?

Before you place an order with us, we talk to you about access and locations of the caravan. We use a professional haulage company to transport our caravans, but we always follow and assist when it gets to site.

What services to site do I require if having a toilet, shower, sinks or kitchenette?

Water needs to be plumbed up to your caravan from a mains supply.

Hot water for the shower and sinks is normally supplied by  using a hot water tank with a 1 KW element.

Waste water needs to be dealt with depending on the services you have in your caravan. For example, if a standard toilet is fitted, waste pipes need to be connected to either the main sewage system or your own septic tank.

We can fit any electrical supply you require, normally  a standard 16amp 240v Electric pack is needed for our smaller caravans and a 32 or 64 amp supply for La Grande Roulotte. A qualified electrician needs to wire up the appropriate lead from your mains supply to the caravan.

We recommend contacting your local professionals for further advice and help with organising this work.  We can help with any information they will need.

Do I need to have a normal toilet?

No. If sewage and piping is an issue, we have a composting and a portable chemical toilet option.

How long do they take to build?

The time they take, depends on the layout, but on average a smaller caravan will take 6-8 weeks and the larger Roulottes up to 12 weeks. We can give you more of an idea when we know what you want. Please order early as we have a waiting list.

What are your payment terms

Our standard payment terms are straight forward and designed to give you piece of mind throughout the build process.

£500 deposit to secure the build slot, 20% four weeks prior to the build slot (chassis build), 20% when the chassis is complete, 30% when the frame work  is complete (after customer inspection), final balance of 30% when complete.

Can you build bespoke caravans?

Yes, our minimum size is 4.0m x 2.2m but we can build to any length or width to suit your design (up to a maximum of 8 m x 3.0 m). Windows, doors, shutters, cladding and trim can also be painted to any colour. Our fit outs are only limited by your imagination.