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Wooden Caravan Builders, Specialising in Shepherds Huts and Gypsy Caravans

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Why not design your own?

All our caravans are built from the chassis up which allows us complete flexibility when designing both the exterior and interior of each caravan.

I have been a boat and caravan builder/fitter for over 20 years which comes in handy when planning small interior spaces. Just give me a call or email me your sketches (you don’t need to be an artist) and I will do my best to accommodate you ideas and budget.

Our chassis lengths are 4- 8 metres and we can offer 4 widths:

2.2 metres - perfect for a standard double bed

2.3 metres - Fits a King size bed

2.4 metres - Bathroom options

3.0 metres - Space, space and more space

Bespoke Services